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Tue Jun 19 17:33:50 CEST 2018

Dear friends,
We will have our next Annual General Assembly in Linz, during OCCE 2018 
on Tuesday, June 26th 2018 17:00-18:30 (room will be soon announced).
Please confirm attendance: https://doodle.com/poll/iat6dym5299q9wx2

You will receive the agenda in the next few days. You can also propose 
ideas and points that should be addressed during the meeting:

Best Wishes,

**Université de Fribourg
	*Pr. Eric Sanchez*
CERF - Rue P.-A. de Faucigny 2
1700 Fribourg, CH

bureau S-2.113
+41 26 300 76 06 	<http://blog.unifr.ch/lip/>
<http://comenius.blogspirit.com/communications-et-publications/> ¦ 
Twitter <https://twitter.com/australopitek?lang=fr> ¦ Linkedin 
<https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanchezeric?trk=hp-identity-name> ¦ 
Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/eric.sanchez.39948> ¦ ResearchGate 
<https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eric_Sanchez12> ¦ Academia.edu 
<http://unifr.academia.edu/EricSanchez> ¦ Google Scholar 

*Prochaines communications*

. Sanchez, E., & Gonçalves, C. Agradar e instruir ...  Método do 
brocolis com cobertura de chocolate? Unversidade Federaal de Uberlandia. 
(07 juin 2018]
. Sanchez, E., Müller, S., Kramar, N., Widmer, A. Paukovics, E. 
Students Conducts during a Digital Game-Based Museum School Visit. OCCE 
2018 (25-28 June 2018) [conference website <http://occe.2018.ocg.at/>]
. Djelil, F., Sanchez, E.. Investigating Learners Behaviours when 
Interacting with a Programming Microworld. An Empirical Study Based on 
Playing Analytics. OCCE 2018 (25-28 June 2018) [conference website 
. Widmer, A. Sanchez, E., Müller, S., Kramar, N., Paukovics, E.  Pearl 
Arbor, a Serious Game for Anthropocene Awareness GSGS 18 (5-- July 2018) 
[conference website <https://gsgs.ch/>]
. Sanchez, E., Don't Forget the Beans! Keynote for the European 
Conference on Game-Based Learning. Nice, France (2-3 October 2018) 
[conference website 
. Monod-Ansaldi & Sanchez, E. Recherche orientée par la conception : une 
analyse des relations entre enseignants et chercheurs. ARCD 2018 - 
Apports réciproques entre didactique(s) des disciplines et recherches 
comparatistes en didactique (10-13 octobre 2018) [site de la conférence 


***Dernières publications*

. Sanchez, E. (2017). "Ligozat, F., Charmillot, M., & Muller, A. (Eds.). 
(2016). Le partage des savoirs dans les processus de recherche en 
éducation. Raisons Educatives. Louvain la Neuve, B: De Boeck Supérieur." 
Recension pour la Revue suisse des sciences de l'éducation, n°3 2017. pp 
. Bonvin, G., & Sanchez, E. (in press). Assessing Social Engagement in a 
Digital Role-Playing Game: Changes over Time and Gender Differences 
Proceedings of the WCCE 2017: Springer.
. Bonvin, G., & Sanchez, E. (2017). Social Engagement in a Digital 
Role-Playing Game dedicated to Classroom Management. In S. P. Dias J., 
Veltkamp R (Ed.), Games and Learning Alliance. GALA (Vol. 10653, pp. 
137-147): Springer, Cham. [lire l'article 
. Sanchez, E., & Mandran, N. (2017). Exploring Competition and 
Collaboration Behaviors in Game-Based Learning with Playing Analytics. 
In É. Lavoué, H. Drachsler, K. Verbert, J. Broisin, & M. 
Pérez-Sanagustín (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Vol. 10474, 
pp. 467-472). Cham: Springer. [lire l'article] 
. Sanchez, E., Monod-Ansaldi, R., Vincent, C., & Safadi, S. (2017). A 
Praxeological Perspective for the Design and Implementation of a Digital 
Role-Play Game. Education and Information Technologies, 22(6), 28052824.
[lire l'article] 

*Derniers billets de blog vidéos et interviews*
. Un Escape Game pour former aux usages éducatifs du numérique; Blog du 
Laboratoire d'Innovation Pédagogique (9 mars 2018) [lire le billet 

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