MPEG WG11 AHG Meeting Final Reminder - 2004-09-30

Mike Ksar mikeksar at
Tue Sep 7 20:21:28 CEST 2004

This is the final reminder for the MPEG WG11 AHG on OpenType
standardization at Hilton Head Hotel on 30 September 30 from 7:30 am -
9:00 am (Eastern Time).


I have not received any email responses to the announcement I made on 25
August 2004 and no feedback to the proposed text of the Open Font Format
specification document N11183 which is posted on the WG11 web site.


I only received confirmation from a few US experts.  If I do not receive
email from non-US experts by 20 September 2004 confirming participation
then the meeting will be canceled and the next meeting will be held in
Spain on 17 October 2004 for which I have already a room reserved.  The
USNB experts would have had their meeting on 28 September at the same


Below is the announcement that I made on 25 August.


Mike Ksar

AHG chair - WG11 OpenType Standardization




As promised at the last MPEG WG11 meeting in Redmond, I posted the
proposed text of the Open Font Format specification, using OpenType
version 1.4 as the source, to the MPEG WG11 web site as a single file
document in Word format using a generic name Open Font Format
Specification (OFFS) as a zipped file with no embedded links.  The file
size of the single word formatted document is about 8Mbytes but the
zipped file is about 1MB.  The source document, OpenType v 1.4, consists
of various formatted files such as html and word format with a lot of
hyperlinks, whereas the proposed text is a single word document, which
contains minor editorial not technical changes, and it would be easier
to review.


This email is a reminder that a WG11 AHG meeting has been announced for
in the mandate document 6502 to be held at Hilton Head Hotel on
September 30 from 7:30 am - 9:00 am (Eastern Time).  If you want to
participate by attending or teleconferencing, please let me know by
email.  Here is a copy of the mandate document:



AHG on Font Format Representation


1.	To assess how a standard can be created to replace the normative
reference to an external specification in MPEG-4 part 18 and to meet
requirements of the industry, of MPEG, and observing the requirements
expressed in annex B of N5289. 
2.	To recommend how MPEG should proceed in the light of this
3.	If relevant conditions are met, to create a proposed draft of an
ISO standard based on the OpenType specification v1.4. 


Mike Ksar [mikeksar (at) Microsoft (dot) com], Vladimir Levantovsky
[firstname (dot) lastname (at) agfamonotype (dot) com]


Until 70th Meeting 


*	An AHG meeting will be held on the 30th of September in the US,
in Hilton Head (South Carolina), US 
*	An AHG meeting may also be held in the weekend before the 70th


http:// groups . / group / mpeg-OTspec [remove spaces]


mpeg-OTspec (at) yahoogroups (dot) com


Send mail to mpeg-OTspec-subscribe (at) yahoogroups (dot) com



Those of you who have not subscribed to the reflector and want to
participate should do so.


If you have any questions, please let me know.


Mike Ksar


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