USNB AHG on OpenType

Mike Ksar mikeksar at
Sat Sep 25 07:01:14 CEST 2004

Following the announcement on canceling the USNB L3 meeting in Hilton
Head, I would like to hold the ad hoc meeting on OpenType
standardization in the Bay Area (at Microsoft in Mountain View) on
Tuesday as originally planned for L3.1 breakout groups.


I do not have a meeting room yet but I will work on that during the
weekend or Monday and secure a meeting room and a phone connection for
people who want to call in and participate.  Several members of the
adhoc group are in the Bay Area and and I hope they can participate.


The main item on the agenda is to review the proposed text of OpenType
that I posted and to decide what the USNB position is for processing the
document at MPEG WG11.  The recommendation from the adhoc group would
then be forwarded to L3.1 chair for processing through L3 and submitting
it to MPEG WG11 before mid-October.


I will confirm the meeting time and place as soon as I can book a
meeting room.


If you have any questions, please respond by email as I have access to
it in the Bay Area.


Mike Ksar


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