ISO/IEC 14496-22/CD - 2nd edition

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Mon Jun 2 18:42:05 CEST 2008

Here is the status report (prepared by Michelle in may) on community discussions and proposals for OFF. I'm not sure how many of these will be drafted by the deadline, some will likely be tabled for possible inclusion in a  future update, and others may be dropped completely...

'Size' feature updates: Waiting for re-write from David Berlow
'Name' table updates: Peter Constable is editing his proposal based on discussion in the last meeting
Stylistic sets: Changes incorporated into an internal draft
'rtla' feature updates: We met about this a second time and Sairus Patel is writing up a new proposal
Review and classification of OT layout features: Adam Twardoch and John Hudson are working on this
TrueType instructions: Greg Hitchcock is working on a white paper related to this
Character variants: Waiting on Peter Constable
Mark issues from Monotype: Kamal (from Monotype) is working on this
Font embedding: Simon Daniels is writing a proposal
GDEF table requirements: Minor text changes requested by Sairus Patel. He needs to send me the exact language for it.
Updating terminology in cmap.htm: Adam suggested this and I've requested more information
Name.htm, changing platform name from Microsoft to Windows: Incorporated into internal draft
Deprecated fontDirectionHint: Incorporated into internal draft
Otff.htm: Minor corrections incorporated into internal draft
64k glyph limit:  We met to discuss the possibility of a composite font specification. We'd like to move forward with this and plan to meet again in June. Most likely this won't be part of the next update.

Many thanks, Si

Si Daniels
Lead PM for fonts, Microsoft typography

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