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Fri Feb 19 17:38:38 CET 2010

Hello all,

I am sure it won't come as a surprise to you that email spam and spoofing (messages that appear to be sent from a legitimate source when they are not) are on the rise - the vast majority of incoming junk emails that are filtered out by my spam filters appear to be sent by ... myself and my colleagues. Many corporations are concerned by this, and some IT departments literally block messages coming from email lists that appear to originate from their own domains. As you may have guessed - this practice will affect the legitimate emails as well , and I was notified that some group participants do not see their own emails coming from the list, or emails sent to the AHG list by their colleagues. I also noticed in the last couple of weeks that the number of legitimate emails filtered out by our third-party spam filtering service has increased; I suggest you should check your settings to make sure that trusted email addresses appear in your "approved senders" list.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done in a way how the AHG email list is configured to prevent this from happening. Only members can post to this list, and while all incoming emails are properly forwarded to all list subscribers, they may get blocked en route to their proper recipients. The only remedy we have against lost/blocked emails is the web archive - all emails sent to this AHG email reflector can be accessed using the following link:

Until this new round of email wars is over, I suggest that you should check AHG web page periodically to see if any messages are missing from your Inbox.

Thank you,

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