[OpenType] RE: [mpeg-OTspec] Interaction between kern table and GPOS table

Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at monotypeimaging.com
Wed Jan 13 18:08:22 CET 2010

(copying both OpenType and mpeg-OTspec lists)

I agree with John and would like to invite anyone who wants to participate in the spec-related discussions or contribute to future developments to join the mpeg-OTspec list.

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> >> Doesn't this belong to the OpenType list though?
> My suggestion would be that messages specifically related to the
> specification (suggested edits, requests for clarification of meaning,
> development of the standard(s), etc.) should go to the [mpeg-OTspec]
> list, while messages relating to implementation, whether of fonts or
> engines/apps, should to to the OpenType list. There is bound to be
> occasional overlap -- and cases in which questions about implementation
> lead to requests to the mpeg list for action items on the spec --, but
> this seems to me a sensible principle by which to make decisions
> regarding to which list a given topic should be addressed.
> JH
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