[OpenType] Re: [mpeg-OTspec] Interaction between kern table and GPOS table

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Sun Jan 24 04:40:10 CET 2010

Chris Fynn wrote:

> Yes ~ but when writing standards I think one should, as far as possible, 
> try to use plain English in preference to insider terms or jargon. 
> Technical terminology is of course unavoidable but particular terms 
> should be clearly defined somewhere in the standard.

I agree.

Daniel Strebe wrote:

 > Whatever happened to “foundry”?

Foundry may imply either a maker of a font, a seller of a font, or both. 
It also implies some kind of corporate entity, however small.

I think things like recommendations about how to build fonts should be 
addressed to the person making a font. Hence, 'font developer' or, more 
simply yet, 'font maker' seem to me decent terms.

Sairus, would you have any objected to your text being changed to

	"If compatibility with legacy environments is not
	a concern, font makers are encouraged to record
	kerning in the GPOS table's kern feature and not
	in the kern table."




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