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Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at monotypeimaging.com
Thu Jan 28 21:39:35 CET 2010

Dear AHG,

First of all, I'd like to welcome many new members who have recently joined the group - just for the past couple of weeks our group grew stronger by 20+ members.
At this time, the mandate for the AHG has been extended with new work items - to produce the report summarizing the results of the exploration activities and to propose and develop a timeline for WG11 to achieve stated goals of CFS standardization.
The timeline should include the following steps that are part of the ISO standards development process:

-        Finalization of complete list of requirements for Composite Font Standard - these should include any and all features that we believe should be part of the CFS (expected to be finished by the next WG11 meeting in April 2010);

-        Creation and publication of the Call for Proposals for either existing or developing technical solutions that would address indentified list of requirements.

-        Review and analysis of responses to the Call for Proposal, and publication of a working draft specification;

-        Creation of the Committee Draft (Proposed Draft Amendment if applicable);

-        Final Committee Draft ;

-        Final Draft International Standard.
As part of the requirements work, I suggest that we should identify and document both features that are already supported by known / existing technical solutions (such as features proposed by Adobe), as well as features / capabilities implemented in Apple's Spliced Font format and other technologies.
We should also review and discuss the text of the draft corrigendum for ISO OFF standard that was prepared at the WG11 meeting last week. If there are any changes or corrections that need to be made - we should review them and bring to the attention of the respective National Bodies to be included as part of the ballot comments. I have uploaded the draft to the AHG files.

Thank you,

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