[mpeg-OTspec] Re: [OpenType] Proposal: Rename "preferred" family to "typographic" family

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Thu Nov 24 04:55:57 CET 2011

I support replacing 'Preferred' with some more descriptive name, but 
wonder if 'Typographic' might be too vague. Heck, it's a font: it's 
*all* typographic.

If I think about what typically goes into these fields, I would be 
inclined to characterise it as the 'Foundry Name', although perhaps this 
wouldn't mean anything to software developers. It's the name that groups 
the font in a family as defined by the person(s) who made the font, 
rather than as a family for the purposes of some specific pieces of 
software. If we can think of a name that conveys this somehow, I think 
that would be a useful clarification.



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