Creating ReqFeatureIndex in real fonts?

Thomas Phinney tphinney at
Thu Aug 30 20:49:22 CEST 2012

I have a different question about ReqFeatureIndex.

I am collaborating on a special-purpose font, whose entire purpose is tied
up in having ligatures work. It is useless without them. It seems to me
like as a practical matter, ReqFeatureIndex would be a good way to make
those ligatures work in more environments, at least in versions of Windows
and Office that might not otherwise support those ligatures.

What tools actually support making fonts with ReqFeatureIndex? I'm happy
using FontLab Studio. AFDKO would not be the ideal workflow for this
project, but is possible. I would be fine with learning VOLT. I'd use
FontForge if scary weapons were pointed at me, or I had no alternative.


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