Schema for Composite Font Representation format (was RE: [mpeg-OTspec] AHG Kick-off)

Ken Lunde lunde at
Tue Feb 28 16:15:52 CET 2012


You wrote:

>> Yes, RelaxNG schema is what I had in mind, and thank you very much for volunteering your time to help. The 'English' description is provided by the standard itself, please see attached the latest draft text.
> V. simple translation from the provided DTD. Attached.
> I will spend time adding self-documentation, but here is something to play with.

Thank you. I will go through it today.

> BTW, the DTD has -- embedded in comments? invalid.

Thank you for pointing this out. To clarify, does this mean that the comments in the DTD are invalid, or that the DTD as a whole is invalid? It began its life as the SplicedFont DTD, which included such comments, which were propagated into this DTD.

Vladimir: What are the chances of applying this minor edit to the embedded DTD, specifically to remove all comments? I count 13 such lines in the DTD. One minor benefit of this is that it will shrink the document by one page.


-- Ken

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