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Hadley, Joshua joshua.hadley at monotypeimaging.com
Wed Feb 29 23:15:12 CET 2012

Hi all,

I wanted to start a discussion on the first item of the mandate for this working period:

> 1.       To study the OFF text with the goal to identify generic requirements and recommend ways the spec can be improved by separating implementation-specific parts from general data format requirements

As many of you are aware, the current specification is a mixture of data specification and implementation-specific recommendations, requirements, dos and don'ts. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish which is which. The success of the format means that OpenType/OFF has now spread to many new implementations, and there is good reason to make an effort at separating the "pure" specification from requirements of particular implementations which may not apply to others.

As an introduction to that process, I've taken a quick pass at what the 'name' table specification might look like after such an effort at separating things (attached 'name_proposed.html'). By no means do I intend this to be a final proposal for OFF, but I wanted to bring it up to the list for review and additional discussion as it relates to the mandate.

Kind regards,

Joshua Hadley
Monotype Imaging Inc

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