[mpeg-OTspec] Draft Call for Proposals for Color Font technology [1 Attachment]

Sairus Patel sppatel at adobe.com
Wed Jul 31 19:33:30 CEST 2013

Hi, Vlad,

Could you please elaborate on why "low capability devices such as consumer appliances, DTV set-top boxes, car infotainment and navigation equipment, etc" are called out in Requirement 4?

Is it a general indication that OFF/OT needs to be able to work on all kinds of devices, or are there specific use cases for color/animated Unicode-encoded glyphs on these low-capability devices? For example, is there a need for Unicode-encoded emoji or creative titling/display, the main use cases discussed in these forums, on these devices?


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Subject: [mpeg-OTspec] Draft Call for Proposals for Color Font technology [1 Attachment]

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Dear all,

Please see attached the first draft text of the CFP. The document is supposed to be finalized by the end of this week’s WG11 meeting, your comments are welcome and appreciated, and should be submitted no later than end of the day Wednesday, July 31st.

Thank you,

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