[mpeg-OTspec] Conflicts between language system tags

Andrew Glass (WINDOWS) Andrew.Glass at microsoft.com
Wed Mar 6 12:23:03 CET 2013

I’m also in favour of the format using 0, so that makes two votes for KAB0.



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Hi Vlad,

You wrote:
>Maybe just a quick straw pool would help to answer the question:
>For those tags that are currently in conflict with the ISO language
>codes (as e.g. “Kabardian” that uses ‘KAB’ tag assigned for “Kabyle” by
>ISO 639) – do you prefer to have a newly defined “Kabyle” tag easily
>parsed and therefore defined as ‘6KAB’ or be easily sorted and
>therefore, defined as ‘KAB0’?

We already have a precedent for encoding additional information in the fourth character of an OpenType tag: in the script tag we have "...2" indicating version 2 of the Indic scripts (e.g. 'bng2', 'dev2', etc.).

I also think it makes sense to use 0 instead of 6, and reserve 1-9 for use (in ascending order) in resolving future issues as they arise.

My vote in your straw poll is for 'KAB0'.


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