[mpeg-OTspec] RE: Two proposals: 1) Register a new OpenType feature (vrtr) & 2) Update a registered OpenType feature description (vert)

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Thu Oct 17 21:11:00 CEST 2013

In the current spec, the <vert> feature is described as

	...a subset of the vrt2 feature; vrt2 is preferred.

And the <vrt2> feature description notes

	Overrides the vert (Vertical Writing) feature,
	which is a subset of this one.

Aside from the fact that I'm unclear what 'subset' means in this 
context, I wonder whether Ken's proposed revisions to the <vert> feature 
description -- which seem fine and sensible in themselves -- might also 
imply revisions to the <vrt2> feature description, also with regard to 
the new <vrtr>?

Also, I think <vrot> is a better mnemonic tag for the new rotation 
feature, but that's cosmetic and perhaps Adobe have already implemented 
as <vrtr>.



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