Final draft of the 14496-22 - due by Friday April 4th

Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at
Thu Apr 3 15:03:18 CEST 2014

Dear all,

Please review the attached redline version of the Committee Draft text of the 3rd edition of ISO/IEC 14496-22. I believe I incorporated all the changes that we discussed and approved on this list; however there are still few places highlighted with comments for which an editorial change may be necessary. I would like to ask you to review the draft and confirm that all changes are implemented to your satisfaction, and give me your final approval for submitting this draft to ISO.

As usual, silence will be treated as approval but if you have any comments and suggestions please do not hesitate to bring them up on this list. The deadline for submission is tomorrow noon time.

Thank you all for your contributions and active participation.
Best regards,

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