[mpeg-OTspec] COS and ZHH language system tags

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Hello James,

Thank you for your comments and welcome to the AHG.
Thank you for spotting the missing language tag for Corsican, I will make sure to include this as one of the suggested changes in the next set of comment for the upcoming ISO ballot. As far as ZHH for Chinese and its description are concerned, this was a conscious change that was made in the 3rd edition working draft back in February 2013 - this is how the corresponding ISO language tag 'zho' is described in the ISO 639 spec.

Thanks again,

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The list of language system tags on the Microsoft site:



   Corsican    COS    cos

However, this entry is missing in the ISO Open Font Format standards (2nd edition, Amendment 2 and latest CD).  As far as I can tell, "cos"
is still a perfectly good ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 language code, so I wondered whether this omission was an error.

Also in Amendment 2, ZHH is described as "Chinese, Hong Kong SAR", but in the last CD, it is described simply as "Chinese".



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