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One minor correction on the ballot term - the ballot will close on July 6 this year, but in order to submit comments through official channels in time for the next MPEG meeting we really need them ready by the end of May at the latest. We do have time to review and discuss the text of Committee Draft, but we do not have much time to spare - please review the text at your earliest convenience.

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Dear all,

The Working Draft of the 3rd edition text of ISO/IEC 14496-22 "Open Font Format" has been promoted to the Committee Draft (CD) stage at the last MPEG meeting in early April. The combined ISO ballot for document registration and approval has been issued (with responses due by July 6 2014, just in time for the next MPEG meeting on July  6-10) and the text of CD is now available to public and can be downloaded from the MPEG website:

The AHG mandate for this period is to study the text of the Committee Draft and prepare ballot comments to recommend changes and clarifications, if necessary. We are off to a good start, with some of the comments already coming in, and I really appreciate your efforts.

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