[mpeg-OTspec] Re: [OpenType] Tools for adding ssXX/cvXX UI Name ID parameters?

Bob Hallissy bobh528 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 23:12:45 CET 2014

As far as I can tell, the AHG has not taken up this issue -- certainly 
the suggested change isn't in the current working draft.

(And, as I mentioned on the OpenType list: as for the SIL tool I can 
confirm it does as Adam suggests)


On 2013-01-07 1:04 PM, John Hudson wrote:
> On 06/01/13 6:23 AM, Adam Twardoch (List) wrote:
>> Therefore, my final proposal is to change the "Script/language sensitivity" section of the ss01-ss20 feature description to (subject to improvement suggestions):
>> Script/language sensitivity: None. For each respective[/distinct] 'ssXX' feature, the FeatureParams in the FeatureList must point to the same set of values.
> I think this makes sense (and for the 'cvXX' features too).
> Given that the file format structure is as Behdad describes, can we
> confirm that current tools for adding FeatureParams and names -- the SIL
> tool, DTL OTMaster and AFDKO -- already do as Adam suggests, i.e. write
> the same values to all the FeatureParams in the FeatureList regardless
> of script and language system? Or are there any assumptions here of the
> kind that afflicted early OTL implementation, e.g. only writing
> FeatureParams to the <latn> script tag!
> JH

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