[mpeg-OTspec] AHG Kick-off and new draft to review

Sairus Patel sppatel at adobe.com
Sat Nov 22 01:24:05 CET 2014

Thanks, Cameron.

Vlad: thanks for putting Cameron's extended example into the draft ballot doc that you sent out today. I agree with that item in your doc.

However, I don't agree with the "5.7.11 - CPAL Palette Table" item in the draft ballot doc. I believe these changes are incorrect since hard-coded colors are different from default values for color variables if color variables aren't defined, as I explained in my response to Chris' comment.

Chris, did my response make sense? (By the way, one of your emails to the list showed up with Vlad as the sender, for some reason - contact me offline if you'd like more details).

Here's my response again to Chris' concern, FYI:

The explicit or "hard-coded" colors in the quote from the spec refers to colors not related to color variables at all. They are simply colors that are always to be used when rendering the SVG, regardless of color palette selection or color palette support of the engine. For example, a font designer may want the teardrop on a crying emoji always to be blue (this is "hard-coded") but the rest of the emoji is regulated by color variables, with the skin of the face having a default value of the standard smiley-face yellow (default both in the SVG glyph description itself and in the default color palette).


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Sorry for my slow reply here.

Sairus Patel wrote:
The spec draft example shows:

<path fill="var(--color0)" d="..."/>

But doesn't show how to code a default value if --color0 isn't defined
in the stylesheet. I thought we had it there in some previous draft.
Cameron: does this ring a bell?

I don't remember an example that demonstrated how to do that. But you
can do it like this:

<path fill="var(--color0, yellow)" d="..."/>

to use yellow when the --color0 variable is not defined.

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