[OpenType] OpenType "Recommendations": First Four Glyphs in Fonts

Ken Lunde lunde at adobe.com
Fri Jul 17 04:12:28 CEST 2015


You wrote:

>> At this point in the discussion, about the only recommendation that may be worth considering is that GID+1 should be a "space" with a non-zero advance width.
>> Regards...
>> — Ken
> Hi Ken,
> You seem to assume that the current recommendation requires glyph 1 to have non-zero advance width. It is zero width: non-non-zero.
> I always thought that the first glyph recommendations applied to Mac OS’s before Mac OS X. I am certain that having non-space characters for glyph 1 showed up at line endings in OS 7. But it may already have changed before OS X? 
> best,
>  jelle

I am assuming nothing. Instead, the recommendation is to effectively nuke the current recommendations "en masse" and with extreme prejudice, and replace them with a single one for GID+1 to be a "space" with a non-zero advance. For reasons already discussed, any reference to GID+0 does not belong in this particular subsection (it is covered in the subsection that follows, "Shape of .notdef glyph").

Another way to think of this is to shift the current recommendation for GID+3 to GID+1, but I prefer the nuclear option.


-- Ken

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