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Dear AHG members,

As you know, the 3rd edition text of the Draft IS ISO/IEC 14496-22 "Open Font Format" was approved via ISO ballot and promoted to Final Draft stage (expected to get the final approval and be submitted for publication in the end of Q2 2015). At the same time, we received the liaison statement from W3C identifying certain deficiencies and ambiguities in those parts of the standard that are relevant to Font Collections (formerly known as TrueType Collections) and requesting to open an amendment and make changes to fix the identified issues. The known issues have been summarized by the WG11 (MPEG) Systems Subgroup and published as MPEG output document w15186 (which can be downloaded using the following link:

Font collections functionality has recently been extended to support the use of both TTF and CFF outlines, and it is a font file format that is gaining more attention these days - the reasons W3C was looking into it is because there is an interest among web developers to use font collections as a web font format enabled by both CSS3 fragment identifiers and recent modifications to WOFF2.0 web font format ( that allow encoding font collection files (as you know, the previously published WOFF1.0 specifically disallowed using TTC format on the web).

Identifying the areas that need further attention to enable wide-spread use of Font Collection format is increasingly important, and the new AHG mandate reflects that. Our goals (outlined by the AHG Mandate w15306) until the next MPEG meeting in June 2015 are:

1.       To study the text of ISO/IEC 14496-22 3rd edition, and

2.       To analyze the issues outlined in the N15186 "On Font Collections Items in the ISO/IEC 14496-22 "Open Font Format" and provide input for the next WG11 meeting with the proposed clarifications and amendments of the specification text related to Font Collections.

We are expected to produce an input contribution summarizing the proposed changes in the text of the standard that would be used as the basis for a new amendment text. An amendment will be started in June, which also gives us an opportunity to introduce any additional changes and clarification, so if there is anything else that you would like to propose for consideration as part of the future amendment - this is a good time to do it!

Thank you for your continued contributions to this important development!
Best regards,

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