Languages tags (Buruchaski & North Slavey)

Denis Jacquerye moyogo at
Thu May 19 07:33:27 CEST 2016

Hi Vladimir,

Here are some language tags notes:
- Burushaski [bsk] needs a language tag since it may need locl feature in
some fonts. The Burushaski figure four can be assumed to match that used as
a diacritic on Burushaski letters 0777 ݷ and 077D ݽ, which would require a
locl feature in some fonts if the figure four 06F4 follows Persian form
instead of Urdu form.
- "Slavey" SLA [scs] should be labelled "North Slavey" to match "South
Slavey" SSL [xsl]. "Slavey" or "Slave" refers to both languages or the
macrolangue [den].

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