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  Description : Hi Vlad,
Here is the updated example (accompanying .docx file). The image, SVG code, & accompanying description have all been tweaked, so please simply replace the example in its entirely.

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Correction – turned out we still have time until Sep. 15 to submit new comments!






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Thank you Sairus, I will definitely correct this!

Referring to your previous email and my reply to it – do you think you will be able to provide an updated example for “Specifying text color in glyphs” to address the concerns raised in point 2 of your previous email? If yes, I need the updates ASAP – technically we are already late with submitting these comments.


Thank you,



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Subject: Re: [mpeg-OTspec] Ballot comments for the second OFF (3rd ed.) amendment 

Hi Vlad,

I noticed a mis-“translation” between Adobe’s proposal at "2016-05-20 SVG OT Proposals_Adobe.docx” and the ballot comment’s diff language. The Adobe proposal item 3.1 indicates the actual text to be replaced: it’s the 4th & 5th paragraphs of the “Glyph Rendering” subclass, not just the 5th paragraph that the ballot comment mentions. Could you please fix the ballot comment to say “4th and 5th paragraph”?





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