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Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at monotype.com
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Dear all,

This is just a friendly reminder that we have one week left to discuss the changes in the 4th edition Working Draft of the OFF standard. Your comments on both previously introduced and newly proposed changes would be much appreciated. We've had significant changes made in the description of the CFF2 table and CFF2 CharString format - I'd like to ask for your time to review and comment on these portions of the document.

In addition, I'd like to point your attention to a discussion that happened earlier that involved specific handling of 'lsb' (left side bearing) values in variation fonts. In particular, the description of 'HVAR' table mandates that in a variable font with TrueType outlines the lsb values must be equal to xMin, and the corresponding bit1 of flags field of the 'head' table must always be set. The question is whether there are any special conditions or requirements that need to be satisfied when variations fonts are built using CFF2 table and CharString format, if the current spec is sufficiently clear on how horizontal metrics are defined with CFF2, and whether 'head', 'hmtx' and 'HVAR' tables descriptions need further clarifications in that regard.

Once again, we have only one week left to review and discuss the changes, and would have to submit any input contributions outlining further changes (if any) no later than Tuesday, March 28th.

Thank you very much,

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Dear AHG members,

Please see attached the updated working draft of the 4th edition ISO/IEC 14496-22/WD2 "Open Font format". This update incorporates changes and revisions to the CFF2 table description and CFF2 CharString format, and includes a variety of editorial revisions and corrections discussed as part of the WD1 review process. The attached zip file contains two copies of the document - one with all changes tracked and the clean copy of it.

The next MPEG meeting will take place on April 3-7 and we have time until March 28, 2017 to submit any input contributions if we want to make any additional changes and corrections. I hope that pending the review of the version 2 of the Working Draft we may be able to identify any remaining areas that would benefit from additional clarifications, get the document finalized and approved by the AHG, and get it ready for promotion to the next, Committee Draft stage, which will trigger the issuance of the first ballot.

Your comments are very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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