FW: [OpenType] Language system tag for Chinantec languages?

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Bringing back the discussion that ran away to a different email list - part 1.

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On 21/03/17 08:12, Peter Constable wrote:
> Are you wedded to CHN? In ISO 639, 'chn' is used for Chinook Jargon. I'd rather avoid that. As I look at the mixed-blessing of ISO 639-5, I see it is lacking a collection ID for Chinantec languages, while there are collections for other families of similar significance. So, it doesn't provide us a candidate.
> How about "CCHN" (initial "c" since this is a language collection)?

I'm open to that. I wonder, though, if we should document somewhere conventions for four- vs three-letter tags? So far, we've used four-letter tags for 'IPPH' and 'APPH', i.e. for phonetic notation systems that do not map to specific languages. Should we formalise this idea that four letter tags are for language systems that do not map to individual languages, but that might, as in the case of 'CCHN' map to multiple languages? [This does leave a number of existing three-letter tags that map to multiple ISO language codes, which we would presumably carry as legacy but could supplement with corresponding four-letter tags.]



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