Kick off of the AHG activities on 14496-22 4th edition OFF

Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at
Tue May 9 23:40:06 CEST 2017

Dear all,

I realize the subject line of this email may be a bit misleading - this AHG has worked tirelessly to improve the Working Draft of the 4th edition OFF standard and doesn't really need a kick off!

However, since the WD document has now been officially promoted to Committee Draft, and is published under ballot - we have a limited time to review the text (attached for your convenience) and collect and submit comments and proposed changes. Many thanks to Peter C. and Sairus P. for their recent efforts to improve the CFF2 table and the CFF2 CharString format descriptions - I will review the proposed changes and submit them for discussion and approval to the AHG email list.

I will also include the comments that were recently submitted on this list and didn't make their way into the Working Draft. We have about two months to collect and submit CD ballot comments - please send your suggested changes to the AHG for discussion.

Thank you,

Vladimir   Levantovsky
Director, Standards & Technology Strategy
600 Unicorn Park Drive 3rd Floor
Woburn ,  Massachusetts   01801
United States
Telephone +1 (781) 970 6088
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