Indic1 shaping resources

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Tue Nov 21 15:10:01 CET 2017


I am looking for some documentation on how the pre-revision Indic1 shaping
model worked. Does anyone know of resources along those lines that are
still accessible today?

For context, I'm trying to write some explanatory text that describes "what
has changed" with the adoption of the Indic2 model. While that's possible
to a degree, based just on looking at Indic2 documents (and source code),
it would be immensely more valuable to read something that was contemporary
with Indic1 for comparison — or even to see samples.

The oldest (demonstrable) version I've located of this sort of material
online is from 1.4.0:
...which has, among other things, a "Layout" appendix. But it does not go
into much detail on shaping issues.

Is there something else?


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