[MPEG-OTSPEC] Near-future meeting management (and some background for “the meeting”)

梁海 Liang Hai lianghai at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 18:34:07 CEST 2020

Some context for subscribers of this mailing list who didn’t participate in yesterday’s meeting:

There’s a collective effort to seek a clear path forward for improving the whole text shaping industry (including the font formats)’s situation. Yesterday there was the first meeting, and the next meeting (open to all) is scheduled for four weeks later (25 Aug, 13:30–14:50 UTC-4). The following document contains yesterday’s meeting notes:

Text Shaping Working Group (working title)

By the end of the meeting we decided this list could be a temporary home for our discussions because of the significant overlap of interest. I hope we’re spamming you guys.


Alright, for others who did participate yesterday’s meeting:

Before we successfully find a permanent home and form for the working group, let’s make sure our meetings are as efficient as possible even though we don’t have some formally defined procedure (eg, say if the Unicode Consortium eventually takes us in and we form a Technical Committee, we will likely need to follow the TC procedures <https://unicode.org/consortium/tc-procedures.html>) to follow yet.

Yesterday I noticed that, some of us, including myself, apparently had more strong opinions than others and thus spent very long time expressing ourselves, while the others were too polite to cut in. We didn’t have much written material to discuss yesterday, so it was more of less acceptable for a first time of exchanging ideas, but let’s be prepared for the next time.

Having learned from how the Unicode Technical Committee’s meetings work, I suggest we name one as the chair/facilitator of each meeting, who will control the floor, keep a queue of participants who want to talk, release the floor to each person in the queue, and terminate one’s talk (with a gavel or a water bottle or whatever) if it’s getting lengthy.

I think Dave Crossland did great this time. We just need to authorize the facilitator to take more control next time. Peter Constable is also be a great candidate.

梁海 Liang Hai

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