[MPEG-OTSPEC] Near-future meeting management (and some background for “the meeting”)

Levantovsky, Vladimir Vladimir.Levantovsky at monotype.com
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The AHGs, as is the case here, can operate for extended periods of time – our group is running since 2004) but their scope and mandates are redefined / confirmed at every ISO WG meeting. The most recent set of mandates were announced back in February when this group changed venues from Yahoo Groups to a new list we are now using:

All official ISO rules and policies are relevant to all groups they operate. This will be a good place to start:


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The ISO ad-hoc groups, such as this one, are established by the ISO Working Groups with the mandate(s) to conduct specific tasks. ... Since the topics we are currently discussing are not part of the existing AHG mandate,

Where are the specific tasks / mandates for this ad hoc group defined? I didn't see anything about this when I signed up on the email list mailman :)

According to the rules,

Where are the ISO rules relevant to this group defined? :)
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