[MPEG-OTSPEC] Font metrics for writing systems other than Western and CJK (was RE: AHG Kick-off ...)

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Thu Mar 26 03:03:14 CET 2020

Vladimir wrote:
> As it relates to item 2), I am curious if some typographic tools used 
> for certain scripts (drop caps in particular, as they are mentioned in 
> CSS liaison as a use case “A”) can be considered universally 
> applicable for all scripts; or whether some of these tools (such as 
> drop caps) are strictly a product of typographic norms and traditions 
> that may be commonly used in some scripts but never in others.

There are active discussions regarding what should be expected of 
particular CSS propoerties when applied to specific scripts or 
categories of scripts. These include things like letterspacing — what 
should happen in joining scripts? what should happen in scripts in which 
the unit of reading is a cluster rather than an individual letter? etc. 
— as well as dropcaps.

For discussion of dropcaps (versals) and South Indian scripts, see 



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