[MPEG-OTSPEC] near-term OT spec work

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Wed Oct 7 04:27:29 CEST 2020

On 10/4/20 10:05 PM, Levantovsky, Vladimir wrote:
> I believe that the spec progress is inconceivable without work first being 
> done internally – this is where new proposals come from (COLRv1 is a good 
> example, and the most recent). Folks don’t come here simply because they woke 
> up one day with a great idea, they internalize it first. And yes, anyone who 
> comes here with a proposal that is rooted in the work done internally makes a 
> valuable contribution to this joint effort and potentially benefits from 
> having their ideas reviewed in discussed by this community of experts.

CSSWG conducts its technical work in the public. Both our official and 
unofficial drafts are public, and the discussions leading to many of the 
proposals (though not all) and certainly the discussions following up on such 
proposals are also public. You yourself have participated in the CSSWG, I'm 
not sure why you consider that "spec progress is inconceivable without work 
first being done internally".

I think the biggest problem here is that there is no public draft that you can 
all work together on. All you have is Peter's work on the MSOT spec. If you 
had a public working draft of OFF, it would allow others to review and draft 
text and have a shared understanding of the current state of the AHG's 
proposed updates to the OFF specification.

In the absence of such a shared draft, the best this community can do is work 
off Peter's MSOT draft. I don't think this is an ideal solution, but until 
there is a public working draft of OFF, it is the best one you have.


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