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The WD 5th edition reflects all of these changes - Amd1, DAM2 (expecting
that they will soon be finalized), and new changes post Amd 2.




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Do the changes shown by change tracking reflect changes in Amd 1 and Amd 2,
or only new changes post Amd 2?


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Dear AHG members,


The text of the new, 5th edition Working Draft of ISO/IEC 14496-22 "Open
Font Format" is available for public review and can downloaded using the
following link:
000&sdata=dcepPUpIuwtZFxZPHyNu%2BZqh%2BxOEcfB1z2iHmIv4as4%3D&reserved=0> .
Please also note that any additional changes need to be submitted for
discussion at the next WG3 meeting, which will take place on April 25-29.
The deadline for submission of the input contributions is April 18th.


Thank you,




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