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 Meant to reply-all.
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  Hi Kida kun,
Are you talking about some part of the spec not being appropriate / practical for Japanese/CJK, or that implementers (Microsoft's font scaler, Apple's coretext, freetype/harfbuzz) not following what the specs said?
Implementers have their own schedules and priorities (and sometimes, for strategic reasons, simply don't follow the spec or community consesus, when it is a business advantage to not follow.), and have different release schedules, compared to the opentype/open font format releases.
It is a bit confusing what you wrote.

    On Monday, 21 August 2023 at 08:14:41 BST, 木田泰夫 <kida at mac.com> wrote:  
Hello Vladimir and all,

In the last few months, we noticed discrepancies between how CFF-based OpenType Japanese fonts have been implemented for these 20+ years and what OpenType/Open Font Format specification says. Two examples so far are kern (should be default off for fullwidth characters) and VORG (mandatory for CFF-based OT fonts), but there might be more. Most likely, the issue is common to Chinese CFF-based OT fonts and possibly Korean.

I hope they will be fixed in the upcoming release.

We started a team in CITPC, with help from Nat/Taro at Adobe, to go through all tables in C/J fonts to find out if there are any other similar issues. We could either propose changes individually as we find them or wait until the investigation is complete and submit a proposal covering all known issues.

I am leaning toward the piecemeal approach, but I would appreciate it if you could advise me on how we should move forward.

Thank you and best,

- kida

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