[MPEG-OTSPEC] Draft AHG report for your review

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Wed Jul 12 00:40:31 CEST 2023

On 2023-07-11 2:25 pm, Vladimir Levantovsky wrote:
> My report merely captures the sentiment the AHG members expressed 
> during the call last week. Given such a strong interest in overcoming 
> the 64K glyph limit, and the resource constraints many organizations 
> face - it is reasonable to prioritize proposed changes and focus on 
> specific things of high interest to users and implementers. As we 
> proceed with this work, revisiting the question of priorities would 
> definitely be possible, and, if a strong case could be made to 
> prioritize another change or update - the AHG will definitely be able 
> to consider changes in priorities.

I think there are a couple of different interest groups to consider, 
which suggests pursuing work in parallel rather than prioritising one 
set of items over another.

Overcoming the 64K limits seems primarily of interest to CJK font 
development and a few one-font-to-rule-them-all edge cases. For a large 
proportion of font developers, this is of little practical importance, 
while OTL and OTVar related work is of greater interest and impact.

It may be necessary for implementers to prioritise, given available 
resources, but useful draft specification work could be done on multiple 
fronts in the meantime.



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