[mpeg-OTspec] hi can anyone suggest me where i can find reference for SVM (docum

Gary Sullivan garysull at windows.microsoft.com
Thu May 12 21:55:44 CEST 2005


I don't know why you're asking about it on this reflector, since if I
understand your question properly, it is about video coding rather than
fonts.  I suggest that you ask your question on the JVT reflector or the
SVC reflector. 

The JVT currently has 3 active email reflectors.
You can subscribe to two of them (the general JVT reflector 
and the conformance/interop bitstream exchange activity 
reflector) through
 http://mailman.rwth-aachen.de/mailman/listinfo/jvt-experts and
To subscribe to the 3rd JVT reflector (which is devoted to 
SVC work), send email to "majordomo at ient.rwth-aachen.de" 
containing "subscribe svc" in the body of the message.

Best regards,

Gary Sullivan

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+> hi  , 
+>  I  am pawan   . I had recently  joined this group  .Can  anyone  
+> suggest where  i can find reference  for  the SVM  software ...
+> thanking  you...
+> pawan
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