Cancellation of AHG meeting 2005-05-25

Mike Ksar mikeksar at
Wed May 18 18:34:30 CEST 2005

The various active member of AHG on Font Format (OpenType) met on 2005-05-17 and agreed unanimously to cancel the earlier agreed upon meeting on 2005-05-25 and its replacement of 2005-06-07 that was under discussion on this reflector.


We all agreed to wait for Adobe's formal announcement on 2006-06-01 about IP including copyright.  Once that announcement is made then an updated version of a proposed working draft of input document 11183 will be announced on this reflector and reviewed via an email discussion for submission as a new input document for the MPEG Poznań plenary in July 2005.


The active members include Scott Foshee (Adobe), Dave Singer (Apple), Vladimir Levantovsky (Monotype Imaging), Andy Tescher (Microsoft) and Mike Ksar (Microsoft).


Mike Ksar


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