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Michelle Hill mihill at microsoft.com
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I'd like to retract my recommendation of changes to 'loca' and 'maxp'. I was under the impression that people were in agreement on the changes and now I'm finding some disagreement, both here and on the OpenType discussion list. I'd like to retract the most recent changes suggested and discuss re-writing the text on both pages to make it clear to everyone.

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Dear Michelle, all,

I suggest to make another editorial change in the first paragraph of 'maxp' table description.
Since the 'maxp' table is one of the required table (as stated in Font Tables description, subclause 4.2), and the first part of the paragraph clearly mandates using maxp table version 0.5 for CFF outlines and maxp version 1.0 for TTF outlines, the sentence stating that both formats of the table are required seems to be redundant. It also references GetFontData () API call which is specific only to a one particular implementation.
Hence, I suggest to remove this sentence, where the text of the paragraph would read:
This table establishes the memory requirements for this font. Fonts with CFF data must use Version 0.5 of this table, specifying only the numGlyphs field. Fonts with TrueType outlines must use Version 1.0 of this table, where all data is required.
NOTE: The number of glyphs that may be included in one font is limited to 64K (65535) glyphs.

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Subject: [mpeg-OTspec] Minor corrections suggested
A few minor edits to the draft of the OpenType 1.5 specification have been posted. These edits were made based on discussion on the OpenType Migration reflector. I'd like to suggest these changes also get made in the ISO version of the specification.
Added text regarding 64k limit
Added text regarding 64k limit
Fixed a typo in simple glyph description (changed byte to bit)
Fixed a typo regarding the number of tables within the Glyph Definition table (3 was changed to 4)
Fixed a spelling error under CaretValue Format 1 (Example was spelled incorrectly)
Thank you,

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