Composite Fonts Requirements

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Thank you very much for moving this forward!

The general summary from the attached document looks good to me. I also suggest we create a rough schedule for addressing open issues that works for parties involved.

Thank you again, and best regards,
Mikhail Leonov

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Dear all,

Thank you very much for your active participation on this email list. I made an attempt to summarize the results of the discussions we had on the subject of Composite Fonts. The file is uploaded to the AHG's Files ( and is also attached to this email for your convenience. I would like to ask you to review the document and provide your comments.

As part of the AHG mandate we need to produce the report on AHG activities for the next WG11 meeting (Apr. 20-24) and to propose a way forward. The deadline for submitting input contributions is next Tuesday, April 14th. I plan to use the attached document as a report outlining current AHG activities and to propose that the exploration activity should be extended to allow the AHG finalize remaining items for consideration. Pleas note that as a result of this activity we will be required to produce the proposed Working Draft of the future Composite Fonts specification, if we decide to go forward with Composite Fonts as a technical solution.

Your comments are very much appreciated!

Best regards,

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