AHG conference call reminder

Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at monotypeimaging.com
Mon May 18 17:40:23 CEST 2009

Dear all,


Just a friendly reminder that we will have a conference call today,
Monday May 18th at 22:00 UTC (3:00pm US Pacific, 6:00pm US Eastern,
Tuesday May 19th 7:00am in Japan,

The dial-in information is below:



Toll free: 







Toll free: 

00531 16 0959



+81 (0) 3 4455 1494

Participant Passcode:




Please let me know if participants from other countries would like to
join and I will provide the additional country-specific dial-in numbers.


Please see below the tentative agenda for our discussion today is
presented below. We will decide the specific order in which these issues
can be addressed during the conference call:

1.       Approval of the agenda

2.       Composite Font policy decisions

3.       Composite Font metrics

-          Line spacing;

-          No-clipping zones;

4.       Composite Font solution

-          Component font tags

-          Layout decisions and use of language /  script tags and
Unicode range information

-          Component font mapping / naming conventions


Thank you,



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