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On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 10:12:44 PM, Thomas wrote:

TP> If you dropped explicit mention of having both outlines at once,
TP> you could just sy that OFF was a generic type that could have
TP> either kind of outlines. I think that is fine (and potentially
TP> useful under some circumstances). 

This is 

a) true
b) likley to result in the feedback that you need only one intertnet media type,application/font-off as this covders all the others

b) may not be desirable.

What is the current state of "supports TrueType but does not support OpenType, either because of the Type 1 glyph shapes or because of the extended language support options" implementations? Are they still significant?

If yes, then at minimum we need an internet media type that identifies TTF. If no, then we need to decide which of application/font-otf and application/font-off is more likely to succeed, as they mean the same thing.

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