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Working drafts and other documents discussed and reviewed by the AHG are available to all members of the group (and you obviously are the member since you are able to receive and post to this list. In order to gain access to all documents you need to sign in to Yahoo with the same credentials you used when you subscribed to the AHG list. It's neither practical nor sometimes possible to send all documents as attachments, and Yahoo group files offer a convenient way to share the working draft documents among group members while restricting the access for general public.

As far as ISO meetings are concerned - they are never "closed door" meetings; however, certain rules and procedures must be followed by member organizations who would like to send their delegates to attend the meeting. If you're interested in attending the meeting, you need to contact your national standards organization to become an accredited member; if you are located in US - I can provide you the information on how to become a member of the INCITS L3.1 group that serves as an accredited ISO member.


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> While this mail's "attachments" were downloadable¹, I've still been
> unable to see or, therefore, comment on the current Working Draft of
> the Composite Font Representation.
> It was clear after the first draft was posted that the subsequent
> closed
> door f2f would make any comments on that first draft would have been of
> little value.
> It would help if the draft were "attached" just like these two docs.
> Thanks.
> -JimC
> 1] Yahoo obfuscates them; they are neither attached nor are their URLs
>    referenced in the text/plain part.  Only the text/html alternative
>    part provides any hint of where to find them.
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