SVG OT Animation: Firefox impl, a webapp, demo video, Adobe gallery

Sairus Patel sppatel at
Wed Aug 21 03:55:36 CEST 2013

It is my distinct pleasure (not having done any of the work myself!) to

1. Firefox now supports SVG OT animations.
- Many thanks to Rob O'Callahan
- Unified Mozilla­Adobe proposal supported
- Experimental builds only right now:

2. A cool new web app, with instant preview, for creating SVG OT fonts.
- Open an existing OT font, create/edit an SVG table document, see the
results on (editable) sample text. Updated on every keystroke! Save the
modified font.
- Thanks again to Rob O'Callahan.
- Give it a whirl:

3. Here's a demo of using this web app:
- Watch the bouncing dot on the "i"!

And, as already reported by David Lemon of the Adobe Type team, here's
some proof-of-concept animated SVG glyph artwork (no emoji this time!) to
stimulate ideas and discussion: Expect it to be
extended with more examples in the future.

We are now truly in a position to play with SVG OT and see what else is
needed to finesse the technology.


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