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Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at monotype.com
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Hello all,

Since I haven't heard any objections to the proposed amendment, I am ready to upload it to the MPEG document registry as input contribution, but I do have one more question regarding this.

We mention OFF as the font format for components in CFR but we do not have any references to  the standard itself. Was it intentional or is it just a missing piece that can be added at this time? I.e., should we list ISO/IEC 14496-22 as one of the normative references in clause 2 of the CFR standard?

Thank you,

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Dear AHG members,

It's been a while since the CFR standard (ISO/IEC 14496-28:2012) has been published, and, as more and more implementers start working with the spec, I received some questions regarding certain parts and definitions that would benefit from additional clarifications and updates. In an attempt to clarify some of the implementer's questions I had off-list discussions with the developers, and the results of the discussions can be roughly subdivided into the following categories:

-          How to deal with missing or inconsistent font metrics data (where components font metrics may differ from one another and from the metrics defined by CFR resource;

-          How individual component fonts can be adjusted to fit the composite font structure, and how the adjustment affects overall font metrics;

-          Clarify the priority order of the component definitions and if/how user language preferences may affect the component font priority order;

As the editor of the spec, I took the liberty to collect the answers to those questions and compile them into the spec amendment language - the draft proposal is attached here for your review. There are still some questions remaining (about 'macStyle' and 'italic' arguments of 'FontMetrics' element) that need to be finalized - I propose that after reviewing the draft the AHG should make a recommendation to start the amendment to update the language of the standard.

Thank you,

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