Final draft input contribution from the AHG

Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at
Mon Mar 24 23:35:49 CET 2014

Dear AHG members,

Please see attached the final draft of the input contribution summarizing all the changes that were introduced and discussed on this list (past and recent). For sanity check, here is the list of references of the proposed changes that are incorporated in this document:

Corrections in the JstfPriority table:
'post' table glyph list reference:
New language system tags:
'cmap' format 4 structure and description:
Various SVG Table corrections: (and previous messages in the thread), also
Clarifications and updates for 'post' table section of clause 7 Recommendations:
MATH table correction:
Clarifications for feature tags 'ssXX' and 'cvXX':
CPAL table changes:

Please review and speak up with any changes / corrections no later than end of Tuesday, March 25th. Silence is treated as consensus approval! This document will have to be uploaded by this time tomorrow, you have the whole 24 hours to sleep on it and get back to this list with any language changes or objections.

Thank you,

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