[mpeg-OTspec] ISO/IEC 14496-22 Amendment for Font Collections

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 19:26:20 CEST 2015

On 3/4/15 17:34, 'Adam Twardoch (List)' list.adam at twardoch.com 
[mpeg-OTspec] wrote:
> Ken,
> thanks for this. Your e-mail just made me realize that due to the
> CFF.FontName limitation, it's not really possible to make a valid OTC
> with one name-keyed CFF and several cmap+name tables.
> I have made such TTC fonts where, instead of using the "smcp" GSUB
> feature, I made a second "cmap" table (and "name" table) that allowed
> some users to use the small caps in environments where certain or all
> user-controlled OpenType Layout features are not available — such as
> Microsoft Word (for "smcp") or OpenOffice.
> Could anyone remind us of the consequences of what'd happen if the
> CFF.FontName and name ID 6 don't match?
> Or of a situation when several "name" tables in an OTC use the *same*
> name ID 6 (but different Full Names etc.)

It seems likely this could lead to confusion (e.g. the wrong face being 
rendered) in environments where the PS name is used as the primary font 
identifier. PostScript printers come to mind, though they may not be the 
only cases that would be at risk.

Software (e.g. printer drivers) that is aware of the potential for 
distinct faces to have the same PS name could of course work around it, 
but relying on all relevant software to handle this correctly seems like 
a big gamble.


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