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Weird: I responded to Denis’ mail via Yahoo’s Web portal, and apparently it didn’t actually send the mail to the group. But at least Denis saw it and responded to the group.


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Thank you Peter.
That's correct, [kmz] is the ISO 693-3 code for Khorasani Turkic and not [kmc].

It would be useful indeed to be able to use ISO 639-3 codes as you suggest or in any similar way.

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"KMC " is not a suitable choice for Khorasani Turkic since "kmc" is the ISO 639-3 ID for an entirely unrelated language spoken in China. But I assume you actually meant "KMZ ", which would make sense since "kmz" is the ISO 639-3 ID for Khorasani Turkic.

I have no problem with these being added, and with the proposed name change.

But I'd still be in favour of sanctioning any language system tag of the form "6XXX" where "XXX" is the uppercase of any ISO 639-3 ID except those for which there already is an exactly corresponding language system tag registered. I suggested that back in 2010 and again earlier this year? I don't recall and can't find indication of much feedback on that, however.

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