[mpeg-OTspec] Feature for JIS 4051/JLREQ widths

Ken Lunde lunde at adobe.com
Tue May 24 18:39:06 CEST 2016


Look at the current descriptions of 'halt' and 'vhal' in ISO/IEC 14496-22:2015 for this.


-- Ken

> On May 24, 2016, at 9:33 AM, Eric Muller eric.muller at efele.net [mpeg-OTspec] <mpeg-OTspec-noreply at yahoogroups.com> wrote:
> You may remember that JIS 4051 and JLREQ assume that the nominal width 
> of some glyphs (e.g. brackets) is 0.5 em, while historically fonts have 
> a 1em width for those glyphs.
> I seem to remember that we agreed a while back to have an OT feature 
> that would make the glyphs "conform" to JIS/JLREQ; IIRC, we settled on 
> the existing hwid, and on some rewording of its description. However, I 
> don't see that rewording in the OpenType spec. Does somebody remember 
> what we agreed on?
> Thanks,

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