[OpenType] Language system tag for Chinantec languages?

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Sun Mar 19 01:42:58 CET 2017

Revisiting this inconclusive discussion from last November.

I've now reached the moment where I actually have to start programming 
the GSUB for these fonts, and am still unsure what approach to take for 
the Chinantec-specific variants. My preference, given the tools I'm 
using and the nature of the flexible mapping of OTL language-system tags 
to language codes, is to register a single 'CHN ' tag for Chinantec 
languages, which still leaves the door open for additional, more 
specific tags to be added later if a need arises. There's just two 
modifier characters for which I need to provide variants, and I really 
don't imagine that any Chinantec language using these characters will 
require further variation.

So, can we register

     Chinantec    CHN

I suggest that, as with Athapaskan 'ATH ' we list as corresponding ISO 
639 IDs all those for Chinantec languages. However, I think the preamble 
to the OTL language system tag registry might clarify the status of the 
correspondence documentation: my guess is that it is informative only.



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