[MPEG-OTSPEC] Near-future meeting management (and some background for “the meeting”)

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With my ISO AHG chair hat on, I’d like to remind us all about the processes we need to follow. I know that talking about the processes and rules isn’t the most exciting part of a discussion, but we do need to be aware of them, for the same reasons we’ve covered during our last impromptu teleconference.

The ISO ad-hoc groups, such as this one, are established by the ISO Working Groups with the mandate(s) to conduct specific tasks. The ISO WG also appoints the chair (or chairs) of the AHG (yours truly). According to the rules, the official AHG meetings must be announced ahead of time, typically as part of the mandate; however, if any intermediate meetings or teleconferences are needed, their time and agenda topics need to be announced at least two weeks in advance to allow wide participation by any interested member. Meetings can be hosted by any member of the group, but I can also ask for a dedicated ISO Zoom account to be created for this group so that we have our own Zoom room for any future discussions.

Since the topics we are currently discussing are not part of the existing AHG mandate, this discussion about the future of text layout and shaping falls under a general exploration activity. And, as we now have many new members of the OpenType community joining the ad-hoc group, and we do not know yet where these discussion will lead us – having a less formal, open communication about potential future activities are perfectly natural and beneficial. However, since there are some members of the group who are ISO officials [who are more knowledgeable about ISO processes and less informed about the subject matter discussions we are having] – I don’t want us to send messages that may be seen by ISO officials as confusing only because of the choice of words we are using.

So, for the time being, while conducting open exploration activities and holding teleconferences to facilitate the discussion on the future of text shaping – let us consider the following roles:

-          Meeting host: can be any AHG member who is offering a facility for meeting via teleconference (Zoom, Meetup, Webex, etc.)

-          Meeting facilitator(s): an AHG member (or members) who voluntary takes responsibility to organize the discussion, including selecting and announcing agenda topics, offering background information and references, etc.
I will happily continue to serve you (and the community at large) as the ISO appointed AHG chair, but I don’t want even for moment pretend that I know everything under the sun, and will gladly delegate facilitator / host roles to help make these discussion as productive and fruitful as possible.

As a first step in organizing the future discussion and having a technical facility to conduct teleconferences, I will ask for a dedicated Zoom room be made available using ISO Zoom account. This would at least eliminate the burden of using outside resources to host future teleconferences.

Thank you,

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I also second Peter, Ben, Norbert, for the following meetings - would any of you like to accept the nomination to chair the 3rd meeting, if Liang accepts the 2nd?

I also nominate Vlad Levantovsky and Adam Twardoch for future meetings
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